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Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds

The effort of the Department is focused on chemistry of saccharides, phenolics, steroids, porphyrins, bioactive amines and other groups of natural compounds. Three of five working groups at the Department are oriented to organic synthesis, the other two groups deal with analytical and computational methods.

Current research topics and areas of expertise:
• Saccharide chemistry and chemistry of phenolic and isoprenoid compounds
• Partial reactivity and stereochemistry, chirality of molecules, protecting groups and their orthogonality
• Utilization of natural compounds as chirality and self-assembly modifiers
• Study of synthons, the constituents of supramolecules and nanodevices
• Enzymic reactions in chemical synthesis
• Isolation and characterization of active natural compounds
• Study of raw materials for pharmaceutical and food industry
• Development of chromatographic and electrophoretic techniques for analytical applications as well as for isolations in a preparative scale
• Phytochemical studies oriented to phenolics, steroids and triterpenoids including their glycosylated forms
• Development of immunoanalytical methods for low molecular weight analytes
• Molecular modeling of chemical structures and reactions (conformational analysis, study of the super-assembly mechanisms using semi empirical computational methods
• Monomer units orientation and prediction of the spectra (IR, NMR, VCD) using ab initio/DFT computational methods, prediction of pharmacologically relevant parameters

Prof. Oldrich Lapcik, Ph.D., Department Head
Tel: +420 220 44 3240, +420 220 44 3681, E-mail: Oldrich.Lapcik@vscht.cz

Website http://uchpl.vscht.cz/ 

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