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Food and Natural Products

Food and Natural Products

The aim of the study programme is to educate top experts with the potential to manage and implement scientific and research activities both in academic sector and in management positions within industrial research or in government/control bodies. The study programme is aimed at broadening knowledge in a number of complementary disciplines: (i) evaluation of the bioactivity of chemical compounds and their mixtures (health and toxic effects) as a basis for assessing their effects on human health and living organisms, (ii) understanding of the mechanism of physico-chemical reactions and processes in food, dietary supplements or natural products under different processing and storage conditions; (iii) expertise with the application potential of instrumental platforms in the field of target analysis and, in particular, non-target screening for the characterisation of different types of samples and (iv) the application of advanced chemometric strategies and bioinformatics in the processing and interpretation of experimental data, especially in metabolomics.


The graduate of the programme will acquire comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the field of food chemistry and natural products, including knowledge of the reactions taking place in technological processing. Due to deep theoretical and practical knowledge, a doctoral graduate can apply modern analytical techniques to a comprehensive assessment of the quality and chemical safety of food and natural products, to detect food fraud and /or prove their authenticity. An important professional competence opening the way for interdisciplinary cooperation is the application of innovative analytical strategies such as metabolomics, which can be applied, among other things, in the field of biomonitoring or bioprospection.

Programme Details

Study Language English
Standard study length 4 years
Form of study full-time , combined
Guarantor prof. Ing. Jana Pulkrabová, Ph.D.
Place of study Praha
Capacity 20 students
Programme code (national) P0531D130026
Programme Code (internal) AD305
Number of Ph.D. topics 2

Ph.D. topics for study year 2024/25

Analysis of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in environment

Granting Departments: Department of Food Analysis and Nutrition
Supervisor: doc. Ing. Darina Dvořáková, Ph.D.


This dissertation will focus on the development of analytical methods for determining a wide range of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the environment, including food and drinking water, which are the main dietary sources of human exposure. The work aims to extend existing methods to include new substances, such as short-chain carboxylic acids (C2-C3), unsaturated perfluoroalkyl acids, telomeric compounds including their precursors. The research will also explore the implementation of novel procedures in the analysis of PFAS, specifically total oxidable precursors. In case of food, attention will be given to commodities recommended by the European Commission (EU 2022/1431) for monitoring. Liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry will be employed for analysing targeted chemicals, for some substances gas chromatography with mass spectrometry will also be applied. The new analytical procedures will be used to assess the environmental burden and dietary exposure of the Czech population to these substances. This work provides a new data necessary for the complex risk assessment associated with the exposure of different population groups to these substances. Additionally, it will serve as a basis for implementing new European legislation in the following years.
Contact supervisor Study place: Department of Food Analysis and Nutrition, FFBT, VŠCHT Praha

Evaluation of food raw materials and products using instrumental methods and their comparison with sensory analysis

Granting Departments: Department of Food Analysis and Nutrition
Supervisor: prof. Dr. Ing. Jan Poustka


The main topic of the dissertation is the application of selected instrumental methods such as infrared spectrometry or mass spectrometry with the aim of optimizing the rapid characterization of various food raw materials and products, including through advanced mathematical-statistical methods inclusive multivariate data analysis. Then compare these methods with sensory evaluation and thus create a comprehensive view of the overall quality evaluation in connection not only with legislative requirements but also with requirements for target sensory quality. The goal of the work is to develop analytical procedures for various materials suitable for their characterization so that they can be used for a meaningful comparison with sensory analysis for evaluation, for example, according to origin or degree of technological processing.
Contact supervisor Study place: Department of Food Analysis and Nutrition, FFBT, VŠCHT Praha
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